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We do not rewrite, edit, or polish your essay for you. Our services push your current writing skills to their full potential and teach you techniques you can apply yourself. Admissions committees are experienced readers of student writing, and we do not advise that you attempt to present a professionally rewritten or edited essay as your own. The best advice fosters your unique voice—a voice that's difficult for even a professional editor to mimic.

EssayJolt Online

How does the latest draft of your college essay stack up? What message is it sending to the admissions committee about who you are? Will your essay stand out from the rest of the pile, or vanish from the reader's memory as soon as it's put aside?

As part of EssayJolt Online, we read your essay closely and give you detailed feedback. Every essay has a different set of concerns, but some of what we point out to you may include:

  • Areas where you need more detail or where you're losing the reader's attention
  • Points where you get off-topic or include more information than you need
  • Awkward, confusing, or missing transitions
  • Introductions and conclusions that could be working harder
  • Problems with your prose style (awkward phrasing, wordiness, "flow," etc...)
  • Grammatical errors

We return your essay to you with feedback in two business days. We are happy to answer follow-up questions that you have about our feedback.

Price: $75 per draft.

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EssayJolt Face-to-Face

This three-session process makes use of the advantages of meeting in person that online interaction can't provide. You'll first meet with a coach to brainstorm possible essay topics and to discuss strategies. Then you'll meet twice more to get further advice on what can be improved as you complete successive drafts. You get all the benefits of EssayJolt Online (see above), plus assistance with getting started and the efficiency of being able to discuss your work in person.

We are currently available to meet in the following areas: all of New Jersey; New York City and Nassau, Westchester, and Rockland Counties; Philadelphia and Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Northampton, and Monroe Counties.

Price: $355.

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