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Ask EssayJolt: Answers to questions students have sent us.

MBA Admissions Essays: 10 Essential Tips: Here are the most important things to remember when crafting your MBA application essay.

Some College Essay Clichés: A list of some clichéd phrases likely to be found in admissions essays.

College Essay Abstractions: In order to be interesting and convincing, you need to be concrete and specific. Here's a list of abstractions commonly found in college essays.

Finding and Removing Unnecessary Words: 500 words isn't a lot. How do you shorten your personal statement and make the most of the words you have?

Showing vs. Telling: What does it mean when someone says: "show, don't tell"? How can you make your writing more vivid and interesting?

Showing vs. Telling: Examples: More about showing vs. telling.

College Admissions Essay Revision Checklist: This checklist can help you with all stages beyond the first draft, from improving your structure and organization to giving your work a final polish.

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