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My essay is about how something that happened to me made me realize the value of the everyday. Is that too overdone?

We've read many admissions essays that have ended with the claim that because of a certain experience (including ones in which a life was genuinely in danger) the writer now "lives each day to the fullest" or "appreciates each day." They're often unsuccessful—this is because the concept of "living each day to the fullest" is vague and the writers usually don't try to elaborate on how their new philosophy has played out in their actual lives. It comes across as an empty statement, something we always say after tragedy has struck. If you can be very specific and concrete about how you've changed, if you can prove it to the reader, it could work well. Be sure to stay away from very general, sweeping statements and clichés, and don't actually say something like "I now realize the importance of the everyday." If you don't have examples to back up statements about how you've changed, though, choose a different approach.

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