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Past questions:
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How unique does my topic have to be?
Should my statement be about something academic, or should I tell a story about my life?
Would my mother's death be an appropriate topic?
Will an essay that talks about a time when I failed hurt me in the admissions process?
What do admissions officers want?
Is realizing the value of the everyday a topic that's overdone?
Is writing about religion OK?
What are colleges looking for when they ask: "how would you contribute to our school?"
Can you use contractions?
If I write my college essay on how much I love the school, will that sound like kissing up?
How much does subject matter count?
Would writing about a person I've had a crush on for the past several years be a bad idea?
Can I use one essay for multiple schools?
Which topics are the most effective?
What words count towards the word limit?
I'm legally blind. Will discussing how I've overcome obstacles ultimately hurt me?
What's a good way to get an essay started?
Where do I put my name and title on an admissions essay? Do I add a header to the other pages?

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